crochet cell phone cozy

i had a great turkey day!! you?! i’m paying for it today… i thought i was mostly over my sickness, but it’s come back… at least it was kind enough to go away for the holiday ;-)


** i was waiting around last night to get tired, so i sat down and crocheted a cozy for my cell phone from the pink yarn i got from georgia !!


i started with a chain almost as long as the width of the cell phone, then worked sc along the chain, 3 sc in the end, sc along the other side of the ch, 3 sc in the end, and continued to work sc around in a spiral (not turning), with a rectangle hole for the screen, and a littel “ear” for the antenna

cell phone scratches beware!
we are now protected!

** OH and did you know you can now get here by way of !! so much easier to get here now eh?! i bought the domain name last week… i’ve redirected the domain to this area, but at some point i’m hopefully going to transfer everything over to the new domain…