Crochet Flower

free pattern

make a quick flower with just a little bit of yarn... 

you can use ANY weight yarn, just make sure to crochet with the correct size hook for the yarn

if the beginning chain is too small or too big for your wrist, adjust accordingly and the pattern will still work up great.

yarn: any DK weight yarn

crochet hook: F (4.00mm)

ch = chain
beg = beginning
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
join = join with sl st
* = repeat between *'s


(do not turn work while following these instructions)

with crochet hook F, ch 8, join to beg to form a ring, ch 1
round 1: work 17 sc around ring, join to beg  (18 sts)



round 2: *ch 8, join to third sc* around
(making 6 petals), join to beg
round 3: in each petal, *skip first ch, work 1 sl st in each of next 5 chains, join between petals with sl st*, join to beg
round 4: *ch 11, join to a loop behind between petals, ch 11, join between petals* around, join to beg


(pick any loop in the back of work
to join the ch 11) 

You're done ! ! 

copyright 2004 - Midnight Knitter
may be distributed freely
for personal use only

may NOT be re-printed on the web

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