Crochet Keychain

crochet hook:  E
yarn:  Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton

OR any yarn of the gauge:
6.25 sts per inch on US 4 needles

MC:  red
CC:  light grey

approx size:  2.5" x 2.5"

ch (chain) 
sc (single crochet)
hdc (half double crochet)
sl st (slip stitch)
* to *  (repeat between stars)


- with MC, ch 5, join with sl st to form ring  (do not chain 1)
- work 8 sc in center of ring, do not turn, start working spiral

- starting with first sc, 2 sc in each around (16 sc)

when i note:  2 sc  it means "1 sc in next, 1 sc in next"
when i note:  (2sc)  it means "2 sc in next"
when i note:  (1hdc, 1dc)  it means "1 hdc AND 1 dc in next""

the following are not rounds, just spaced apart so the pattern can be followed easy
- work *1 sc, (2sc)*  9 times
- switch to CC
- work *2 sc, (2sc)*  twice
- work *1 hdc, (1hdc, 1dc), 1 dc, (2dc), 1 dc, (2hdc), 1 hdc, (2sc), 2 sc, (2sc), 3 sc
- switch to MC
- 2 sc, (2sc), 3 sc, (2sc), 2 sc, (2sc), 4 sc, (2sc), 2 sc, (2sc), 5 sc, (2sc), 29 sc,
  (2sc), 15 sc, sl st to next, END 


- work the same as front, but switch MC and CC to make a mirror of the front

- place front and back wrong sides together, using sl st crochet through one loop of each side, secure around.  leave a small opening to add stuffing or extra yarn, then secure the rest of the way.
- add a little chain stitch loop to attach to a keyring


NOTE: this is my new way of writing crochet patterns.
Please email me if you liked it or hated it!  ;-)
I'll take all comments into consideration for the next pattern.

copyright 2005 - Midnight Knitter
may be distributed freely for personal use only