black and hot pink

** wow… i have been SO SO busy lately!   i knew my knitting and crochet time would go down but this is crazy   ;-)   i do have some stuff to show, and  a few other things in the works.. including a crazy crochet hat, wait til you see it!

  for my Oma’s birthday i wanted to knit her a pair of socks… by the date of her party i finished just one!   but mailed the second only a week later

**  and speaking of hot pink and black, i’m working on a summer top, in the round, with SWTC Bamboo yarn.. i want it to be a punky striped little thing..

**  below is a new yarn at kpixie… there’s a great company in California called “Emma Creation” and she has the yarn shipped direct to us  from Japan… all the yarns are high quality and a bit more pricey than some similar types, but their crochet cotton is to die for!   she had told me that she ran into some crocheters that used that yarn and won’t go back to other brands, that you keep wanting to go go go because of how smooth the cotton is… now i totally believe her!   this stuff is great, i did a little swatch on US 2 needles, it’s from a sock pattern in Interweave Knits.

**    my mom started selling her crochet patterns!   you can visit her website for free patterns
and she also supplied kpixie with some for sale patterns… really cute stuff and so quick to make.

**   oh!   below is my Insubordiknit  hat that i knit a couple months ago… we were carrying some of her monster hat kits in the store and this one screamed at me, i had to have her, plus she matches my favorite pair of Roos…   if you want to see some of the sold out kits click here