gifts October, 24th 2004 by midnight knitter

my new favorite scarf

** some new stuff from Beth!   i LOVE this clutch!

** this clutch is too cute, with an awesome little liner and in one of my favorite colors!   … it looks kinda small in the photos, but dont be fooled… i could fit my life in here!     hehe

and look at the awesome crochet scarf she made!
click here

** i’ve been wearing this scarf religiously since i got it in the mail a few weeks ago!   i forgot to post it because it wasnt in my stash area…

a gift from Beth

**   it’s so great! the stitch pattern is excellent and how’d Beth know my favorite colors??!   the yarn is Reynolds Lite Lopi, which really makes the stitch pattern stand out… meow!

and it matches my sneakers!

** and since my camera is tied to the electrical outlet because i ran out of batteries, you’re gonna have to settle for a full photo of it on my keyboard, hehe…



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