giftsknitlife November, 4th 2004 by midnight knitter

hallowig, hearts, and..

don’t get me started on the election… i couldnt have said it any better than my dear meg… click here to read her 11/04 post

** i worked on the Alpaca Tweed and GGH Soft Kid scarf last week… i think i’m a little more than halfway done… its for sure a “pick at it” project because of the ribbing, k2 p1 k2 p1 k2 p1, ugh… but i love the look and it wont have an ugly side!

and the k2, p1 continues…


** so my boyfriends’ sis just had another baby! what to do but knit, right?!

** the hat is knit with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, and i made up the pattern myself… yes, i’ll post the pattern ;-) how cute are the little teeny tassels??! this hat knit up fast on US 8, double stranded, and the cashmere/wool blend is perfect for her sensitive little head… i cant wait to see her this weekend!!


the Hallowig knit along is over, boo hoo… but we’re running a contest on the best Hallowig, so get over there and vote if you’d like to…

AND i added some new packages to the blog hosting plans.. and if you dont have a blog and dont really want one, but think it would be cool to have a photo gallery at least, click here to see whats available



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