crochetknitstuff November, 25th 2004 by midnight knitter

hats, bunnies, oh my!

happy thanksgiving!!   it’s just after midnight on thanksgiving day, 15 hours to turkey!!** i’m just getting over a NASTY cold, so bear with me if i dont type as much information as i usually do… my skin is still crawling and i’m a bit dizzy, but i wanted to post something before the crazy holiday weekend   ;-)

had some Classic Elite Montera and decided to do a test swatch on US 9 needles… this is a cable adapted from an edge stitch in one of my new books… its so think and warm!!  

**   and here’s a closeup, the cable is a k1,p1 cable  


** so my brother Ben wanted a hat with a certain Myan symbol on it, but i just couldnt make it look right… so i used some yarn my Secret Pal 3 and some Jo Sharp Desert Aran and voila!   a funky-kinda-chunky hat with a symbol from my fair-isle book!

** because i used US 8 needles and aran yarn, the fair-isle isnt as cool as it could be, but i like the raw quality of it…

and here’s me, kinda sleepy getting over a nasty cold   ;-)

**   and here’s a little something to cheer you up on a rainy night…


** while watching tv i wanted to do some mindless crochet with some bright yarn… so the “kinda-mad-bunny-head” is the finished product

** i was trying to make a cute face, but the bunny wasnt having any of that…  

** it’s just big enough to slip tampons into the ears, it might end up being a tampon-cozy   ;-0   haha





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