crochetgiftsknit December, 5th 2004 by midnight knitter

patterns and gifts

oh boy its december already, eek!   seems that all my recent posts are full of “eeks” and “oh my gods”…  
**   i wrote up the pattern for Ben’s Hat!!   and on this day after our Secret Pals should be revealed, it’s probably nice to see a pattern that i made with my secret pal yarn!

i also re-worked the free patterns page, and copied almost all of my patterns to my blog server for safe keeping and to make them easier to print… there’s also a few patterns i never got around to putting on that page, here they are in a quick view so you know which ones they are



AND, I’ve got TWO GIFTS to show off

** this one from Stacey came in last week… bead knitting oh my god!!   it’ll be my first attempt at such a project… and i love the black and purple..

a gift from Stacey

** this is gonna be fun!  … and the needles are so tiny!!    

** and this one is from Tiffany, who saw the fishbowl project and wanted to get me some fish for it… i know, doesnt look like a fish, but if you read the page you’ll know why   ;-)
Tiffany wanted to send me some fish for my fishbowl project, but it got a bit hairy when trying to weave them together to make the fish, so she sent me all the instructions and things i need to finish them!!   hopefully i can wrap my brain around the instructions and work it out   ;-)   she also sent me some hand dyes yarn, yummy!!

a gift from Tiffany

**   here’s the start of the fishes… you make long knitted tubes and then craft the fish with the tubes, glue, and googlie eyes… so Tiffany made the tubes for me and i’m going to put them together

** and the hand dyed yarn was so tempting so i made another cell phone cozy for my new phone.. gorgeous huh?!      





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