knitshopping January, 20th 2005 by midnight knitter

the ROOS project

i am spoiled rotten this week… a friend of mine and my mom each got me a new pair of Roos!! eek! now i have three pairs and I’m loving it… someone must be reading this blog . . . ;-)

now that I’ve got three awesome pairs of Roos, i must hunt for more… can a girl have too many?? i think not…


Jessica got me the pink ones
and my mom got me the orange
(i’m such a sneaker addict, i’m glad my
friends and family support my habit, haha)

** and here’s my old pair… ahh, the days when they were shiney and clean…

i was working up a quick pattern for Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky Hand Dyes using just one skein… i love it! it’s double crochet and 4 strands of yarn weaved along it… pattern coming soon!

** by the way, Bulky Hand Dyes are so soft! i made this scarf in 30 minutes!

and i’m so busy writing patterns! to come very soon, the skull chart, the baby hat with the hearts, and a bunch of new patterns… i’m on a roll girls! and speaking of patterns, have you seen domiknitrix? she has some AMAZING knits! she’s also beginning to sell her patterns… take a look at the elfin goth, is that talent or what?!

looking at beth‘s clapotis, i just had to start knitting it… i had some yarn from the Lost Points shawl kit and thought hmmm..

i’m working it scarf style… i worked the increases to row 12 and then repeated it to row 6… much smaller than clapotis but still cool… i’m using South West Trading Company yarns, like beth did.. but i’m using Bamboo and Melody on US 9 needles

i bet it would look even cooler with the variegated colors of Bamboo…



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