crochetknitshopping February, 13th 2005 by midnight knitter

gifts and stuff


** i got an xmas gift that i forgot to bring home, and of all the things i didnt want to forget!!   my mom decorated two pairs of bamboo needles, they’re too cool…

a gift from Ria, my mom

** and whats that weird knitting needle holder?
i crocheted that about 2 years ago out of twine…

all the needles i need for the current WIP’s are in there… and there’s marbles in the bottom to make it stand up straight…  

how many can i possibly jam into it??   haha

NEWS ALERT… i’m addicted to handbags… in my recent obsession with collecting sneakers, i’ve also moved on to drooling over handbags… and its not cheap bags either, “if i always dress casual i might as well spruce myself up with colorful shoes and $100 handbags”   …its so weird, i dont know where this came from..

my two favorites so far


i played with some South West Trading Company Bamboo… i love this yarn, it’s even stretchy when crocheted!

now thats alot of stretch for crochet  

it’s not a very soft yarn, but it does get softer after washing… and it’s perfect for summer knits, think linen/cotton… and it’s so stretchy when knit, i keep picturing a fitted summer tank in this yarn…

i also used Bamboo for the mini-Clapotis



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