knitswatching February, 1st 2005 by midnight knitter

mohair tam and patterns to come

so the new month is here, where the hell did january go?!   i guess time flies when you’re having fun… speaking of fun, i’m knitting more than ever and really have to show everyone whats been going on… the more blogs i read the more i see that alot of you are also a little lazy about posting, i dont think we’re getting enough sunlight up here in the northeast… the blizzard was beautiful, but it was followed by clouds for days and days… makes a person a bit lazy and hermit like   ;-)   but today is sunny and i’m feeling energized!!**   i just have to show you this…

gorgeous little balls of Habu Textiles Mohair Tam… those three colors look awesome together!!   i didnt realize til i put them on the shelf…  

** so what have i been doing?   well, designing patterns for knit pixie and the 2006 crochet-a-day calendar!   yippee!   all of the below patterns will be up in the free pattern section launch of knit pixie TONITE!   so if you’re on the newsletter mailing list you’ll be getting an email shortly…

and theres alot more coming, i’ve got a bunch of stuff thats half finished and i’ve got knitter friends working on stuff too..speaking of, Lauren finished Rogue!!   i’m rogue crazy
i updated my fav blogs list, there’s alot of people i’d like to add but there are only 6 spots and i wanted to make sure i got some girls in there who are new to my reading list… enjoy!um, thats it for now, i gotta run but promise to post again very soon!!   i was “tagged” for a blog post about music and i have a bunch of other things i wanna “say”…  and valentines is almost here, is anyone knitting for the occasion yet?


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