lifeshopping April, 4th 2005 by midnight knitter

gift to me and...

i’d been haunting for a while now, maybe 2 years?!   but never bought anything… i always sent friends there, but buying stuff for myself is low on my priority list… yesterday i ordered a gift certificate for my cousin’s birthday, and received a $5 gift certificate for the store… arm twisted!   ;-)

so i placed an order… this rubber chainmail bracelet… eek!     love it!

and this shirt… i’m gonna look so cute!   ;-)   and a little evil at the same time… a perfect combo


AND oh, my “little” brother (25) is moving to Arizona!   no!!!   he’s the first sibling to move out of the state… our family is very close, not creepy close, not like we have to live near eachother to survive, but we do enjoy eachothers company on a regular basis… it’ll be hard to see him go, but he’s gonna have a blast!   he’s going to Arizona State, and he has been thinking of moving there for a while now… i’m looking forward to flying out there and visiting, never been to Arizona… i’ll miss having him around, but i know he’s gonna love it!



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