crochetknit August, 24th 2005 by midnight knitter

more money purse... and cable scarf

i made yet ANOTHER money purse, one of my favorite projects… i think i can share the pattern here, i wrote it up for the DIY show, but i think you’re “allowed” to publish the patterns anywhere.
 karaoke-cable-scarf.jpg   karaoke-crochet-scarf.jpg   two scarves!  
it’s hardcore knitting season coming up and i figured i’d start with the gool old scarf…   although i want to get back into my test knits.. and i already started one with some Bamboo yarn…

the pink  one is a simple cable pattern… i love this color of Karaoke

the purple and blue  one is crochet.. worked on the bias to make the striping work up at an angle.. then i weaved some leftover yarn into the edge… Gianna thinks it rocks   ;-)

both pattern available at kpixie!!   click here for the pattern page

and i can’t believe summer is over!   there’s so much i wanted to do yet didnt have the time… my favorite season is fall anyways, so who cares.. i dont like the heat… yesterday i realized i needed more t-shirts but couldn’t find any at TJMaxx, all i found was new school clothes, ick!!

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  • Inna says


    Your blog is really super!!! All your works are very nice. I liked your money purse, it is so cute. Can you please write steps to do it by myself. I am only a beginner.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,


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