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free pattern and crochet

here i am, sneaking in one last post before the end of the month!!   its been quite busy at kpixie… the clenching of the teeth in my sleep has subsided to a nominal grind, and i’m moving on with yarn dreams and autumn fun!

<--click     yup, onto the weird crochet stuff, my first love     i added a few more free patterns to the kpixie pattern page!   including this karaoke hat for kids, in a brand new color

  here’s a photo of me trying on an outfit at the King Richards Faire in Carver MA.. i’ve never been to a “16th century English marketplace” faire, it was SO hilarious and fun… i DID buy the outfit (splurge), i’ll have more photos soon

crochetaday2.jpg crochetaday1.jpg
Crochet Pattern A Day
the “Crochet Pattern A Day” for 2006
i think i have 5 patterns in there, i only found 4 so far… so fun!!   i’m still shocked i made it in, there are some great patterns in here…ps. my mini checkerboard made it to the inside cover!!   and it is the pattern for January 1st!   woo hoo!   there were a few typos on a couple of my patterns, the checkerboard is SWTC Bamboo, not Optimum… but it would work with either yarn…

and i made my first item from the calendar… mary jane slippers!   with Nature Cotton

and ps.   it’s $13.99 for 365 PATTERNS!!
what a steal!   HUGE thanks to  Annie Modesitt for all her hard work in getting this together…


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  • Kim says

    Hi -

    I was wondering if there is anyway to get the pattern for the maryjane slippers that was published in the 2006 calendar? I have the 2007 calendar but not the 2006.

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