lifeshopping October, 7th 2005 by midnight knitter

shopping for x-mas

i had pretty much given up on shopping this year… i’m not much of a shopper to begin with, when i need something i go out and get it… i’m not the type of girl who loves just shopping for shopping… and this year was especially frustrating, anytime i really needed something i couldnt find it, or couldnt find it for the right price… WHICH brings me to yesterday… needed a new comforter for the bed, figure i’ll spend $120, the going stupid price for bedding, and end up with the perfect one on sale for $50!   maybe there’s hope yet!   and then i got a new keyboard that rocks for $24, bonus!   so then i’m like “how about online shopping, will i be as lucky?”… so here’s my new fave stores, stores that have things i’ve been looking for at a good price for dog beds dont really need, but… for cell phone accessories cuz i couldnt find a cool halloween idea today!   ;-)

<– click and so i leave you with some random photos that would otherwise never make it onto the blog… but hey, it’s the middle of the night and i have no self control   ;-)  



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