knitshopping November, 3rd 2005 by midnight knitter

better pal shipment and more

ahhh, relax in the middle of the night… i thought my internal clock was over the whole night-time thing, but i really do love anything 9pm and later, there’s a certain charm to it… although photos are always pretty awful without any sunlight, hmmmm….

  <-- click new "better pal" shipment!! and it totally rocks... you're not gonna believe it.. to start the holiday knitting season i thought i would start with the teeny sweaters... here is the first one, made from thin wool yarn direct from Sweden, from a secret pal gift package last year... didnt use a pattern, just did a top down raglan thing

and i purchased these knitting needles at a funky used/antique store in Bridgewater MA… they only had one of each, but they were just so weird i had to get them…. two of them are steel or something…


and below is my new slinky favorite scarf!!!    
a bit of Habu Mohair Tam and Blue Sky Alpaca Sportweight…  
my pattern located here




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