midnight knitter January, 12th 2006 by midnight knitter

spinning yarn

josie-xmas2005.jpg  Meg requested a Josie photo!   here is the little photo that was my xmas card this year… ps. no Josie’s were harmed in the making of this photo.. the lights weren’t too hot near the end of the photo session, hehe…

<-- click and here is my second un-washed skein.. from spinning my own freakin yarn!   ;-) there's also photos of the skein after being washed, very nice... did i mention i did koolaid dyeing for the first time ever this weekend?!?!?! click here for my FIRST spun yarn ever

origami-jan2.jpg  origami-jan1.jpg  also this week… i got my order from!   lots of origami paper including double-sided two color and washi paper.. yum



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