crochet June, 30th 2006 by midnight knitter

amigurumi puppy

amigurumi-dog1.jpg  amigurumi-dog2.jpg  amigurumi-dog3.jpg

Zoe’s birthday was last week so i wanted to make her a little pup!   made this little one without a pattern, amigurumi style is SO simple once you understand the process… globes and tubes of crochet sewn together

if you need some ideas, go here!   or here… or go here

I used Lana Grossa New Cotton and an F crochet hook.



  • ria says

    that’s the cutest dog stuffy I’ve ever seen!
    He has a personality!!

  • Amy Boogie says

    That is just TOO CUTE!

  • buttonsandstars says

    Aw, that dog is adorable! You did good there!

  • Kaity says

    Aww, cute puppy!!! Nice job.

  • ichigo says


    i wish i could do that…

  • Ann says

    What is so great about this dog is the proportions of the various parts. They really make the whole turn out super attractive. Congrats.

  • Peggy Fuentes says

    I love crocheting and would love to know if you will publish the pattern for this cute little pup – would like to try that myself

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