knit June, 23rd 2006 by midnight knitter

socks and hats

Worpress makes everything SO much easier!   i found a bunch of photos of finished knits… might as well post them!

heather-sock1.jpg  heather-sock2.jpg
here is a finished sock in All Things Heather sock yarn!

And here is a cap I made a while ago using Karabella Aurora Melange Bulky.  
basket-cable-hat1.jpg  closeup of the basket weave cable design.

I’ve got the pattern all written up, gotta post it soon, its such a great hat.



  • Nicole says

    I switched to wordpress recently also. Isn’t it absolutely so great? Everything looks so professional – and yet it’s so much easier than my last server (blogger). Your blog looks great! I’ll be back!

  • P-la says

    oooh, please post that pattern, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  • Mary deMunecas says

    Do you have additional patterns for leg warmers other than the Aspen model (blue, yellow, white)? thank you. MdM

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