knit June, 23rd 2006 by midnight knitter

some knitting done... some website changes

besides the fact that i havent upated my blog since April, jeezum!   i decided (after talking with some bloggers at TNNA about my hiatus) that using wordpress would fuel my posting… my previous blog was all html, it took lots of time to create all the new pages, so here i go with a wordpress blog!!

i’ll slowly but surely combine the old site with this one..

barefootknits1a.jpg  on  to the knits!   here is a tank top for Zoe, out of Lana Grossa New Cotton,  knit from the Barefoot Knits book.. so sweet!   and yes, i did knit  from a pattern, crazy!   but i did modify it a bit, haha

pirate-top1.jpg   pirate-top2.jpg  and here is a pirate top
that i knit a few weeks ago, sized for a 2 year old

also, i saw the new South West Trading Karaoke colors at TNNA… had to have this color!   so i knit a hat for Jonelle, she will be using it in an upcoming feature.



  • Lauren says

    Yippee for the “new” blog! That halter top and pirate top are so adorable. For some migraine-related reason, I never could handle red and black (or purple and black) myself.

  • midnight knitter says

    yeah, yippee! and thanks to you for asking me about the blog at TNNA, sometimes i need reminders that people actually think i still exist in this land, haha… this is gonna make it much faster for me to blog…

    so no red and black? too dizzy? ;-)

  • Kaity says

    I’m glad your back to blogging!

    Oh my gaw, I love your Lexie Barnes bag. I want one!!!!!!

  • trinity says

    how much r your lexie barnes bags

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