life July, 25th 2006 by midnight knitter

back from Maine!

so the week in Maine did a body good… no stress, no cell phone, no internet, lots of family, lots of laughing, lots of fishing, lots of eating….

maine4.jpg            maine9.jpg              maine2.jpg              maine3.jpg
the house                         walk to the dock                     the lake               josie on the boat

the lake is called Mooselookmeguntic, it’s next to Rangeley Maine.   The lake reaches depths of about 120 feet so we were trolling out on the lake in a Parti Kraft boat, so fun!   We also went tubing behind a speed boat, ouch, bruises to prove it   ;-)

the fish i caught

the pups!
maine5.jpg              maine1.jpg
that’s Josie in the life jacket (i’m a dork) and her cousin Abbey

and yes, i did knit!   photos coming tomorrow….



  • Lauren says

    Awww the pups are so cute. Does the boat freak them out?

  • midnight knitter says

    Josie loved the boat, she loves car rides too, so i think she had no idea she was on a boat ;-) but Abbey didn’t dig it, she was a bit nervous, poor pup!

  • beth says

    Did you see your cute self on tv???????

    WE were awesome!!!!! I still don’t have a tape, but I saw it at a friends house! YAHOO!

    Glad to see you had a great time.

  • midnight knitter says

    hey beth!!!
    crap! i didnt see it! i felt like maybe i looked ugly because the only thing my aunt mentioned to my mom was that i could be a hand model, hahahaha!! cant wait… we did rock the set huh?!

  • Wendy says

    You look so great and happy. I haven’t been to Maine in years….but oh, I would give so much to go and have a lovely time like you had. The dogs are great on boats, aren’t they? We went water skiing with two of them while we were in Maine and they had a ball.

  • stacey says

    I would say how much I am glad you enjoyed your vacation, but this is the first time I’ve seen a pic of you!! I’m shocked, I get to finally place a face with the name!!

  • Nicole says

    I’ve always wanted to go to maine. I hope you had fun!

  • meg says

    MISSA! I am in Cambridge now. I totally missed the airing of the show – I think my in-laws have the DIY network – has anyone taped it?

  • midnight knitter says

    yay yay yay!!! must get together! I just got a DVD that my Aunt recorded for me, i’ll be watching it tomorrow, weeee!! i think i can get you a copy, my friend has a copier i think…

    shoot me an email to remind me!
    hope you’re having fun in bean town

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