crochetshopping July, 12th 2006 by midnight knitter

crafting and too cute

i love dogs… but this is too much!   (but that boston terrier is so cute…)

and did you see that Amy Secrest has stuff  for sale in pixelgirlshop?   i love that store..   there is also a cute cute cute! section that has to be seen….

speaking of cute and crafty,
the Camilla Engman stuffies are in the Happy Hooker book
and I HAVE to make one… maybe i’ll do it on vacation

oh yeah!   we’re leaving for vacation on Saturday, a week up at Rangeley lake in Maine, same place we went to last year… it’s gonna be a ton of fun, the whole family, yay!



  • Nicole says

    Doesn’t it seem like everyone is making softys lately? I’m itching to jump on the bandwagon to.

    Have fun on vacay!

  • Charlotte says

    Just stumbled across a rather sweet mouse kit at :
    I was quite impressed with the quality of the whole thing. It came in a beautiful bag, nice labels ‘made with love’ and I knitted it over the week end. Looks really good.

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