knitstuff July, 6th 2006 by midnight knitter

eek! they are here!


so Jessica and I went to TNNA in Indiana, and came across these light-up knitting needles… had to have them!   they are a bit expensive due to the fact that they are handmade in the USA, but they are too cool and totally useful…   i knit in the car ALL THE TIME, so now i can retire the ear-flashlight and knit on!

needle-lite-06.jpg   needle-lite-05.jpg
when off…                                               knittin on the porch

They will be on sale at kpixie tomorrow… i know some of you will want them for the novelty of it, but really, these babies are going to make my car trips and knitting in front of the tv more constuctive and way more fun.

and oh yeah!!   Glampyre scored a pair at the TNNA show…
ps. i got to have drinks with her in Indiana!   she’s VERY cool, i’m glad we got to meet.



  • buttonsandstars says

    :o I want! They are wonderful! They’re a really great idea, cos sometimes it’s just too difficult on the eyes to knit when the lighting isn’t good. Think I could get some in the UK?

  • Nicole says

    OOOH. It’s like magical knitting. I’m enthralled.

  • Lauren says

    I bet it would be so freaky to see them moving. Rave needles.

  • Betty says

    Wow! So cool!

  • Dawn says

    May the force be with you. Knit on, Missa

  • sarah eliz says

    those are tooo cool- like mini lightsabers!

    glad to see you blogging again, i’ve missed you. :)

  • midnight knitter says

    yeah, i totally feel like a comic book character or something when i knit with these… they worked really well last night during x-files, in which i always need the lights down low

  • Julie says

    And HOOKS as well! I’m so there. Midnight crocheting will be so much more fun with these lite-up cool tools.

  • Carrie says

    Wow, those are so awesome!

  • Allie says

    Where did you get these??? All I can find are ones that only light up at the tip!

  • Elizabeth Dowden says

    What is the TNNA? I live in Indiana. Those needles are absolutely amazing!

  • Debbie says

    I would love to order these for my Mom she knits all the time. Can you supply me the website so I can place an order.

  • Stacey says

    I know this is an old post, but do you remember the brand of these? Kpixie no longer carries them.

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