lifestuff July, 14th 2006 by midnight knitter

test knits, back in the saddle

I miss doing swatches, so I picked up the Summer 2006 Interweave Knits and made two test knits, different yarn same pattern.

test-intwv-lace2.jpg   test-intwv-lace1.jpg

The first yarn is Plymouth Galway Heather, a worsted wool.
The orange yarn is Emmy Grande Herbs, my new favorite fingering cotton!

Each one came out wildy different… I did the bobbles in the cotton, not in the green yarn.   whats funny is that the pattern in the magazine looked different, more leafy.. maybe it’s just the way it is stretched out, hmmmm

olumpus-blog.jpg   here is the Herbs yarn in their cute little bags, straight from Japan!   we’ve got the yarn at kpixie if you’re interested…

maine-dock.jpg   fishing.jpg

so i leave you with a photo of the dock in Maine, and my fishing tackle!   ;-)

See you in a week!



  • ariane says

    Happy Fishing!

  • Amie says

    I was checking that yarn out awhile ago on your site. I’ve got to find a project to make with it. I like the colors a lot.

  • Nicole says

    Galway Highland Heather is one of my FAVE yarns ever. Have you noticed that if you squeeze the skein really hard you can feel the oils? Have you noticed the subtle, earthy smell? And those colors! It’s my favorite.

  • Micah says

    nice swatches!

    What’s with all the hardware? I would have pegged you for a fly-fisher!!! in Maine too, man, all those brook trout and no flyrod!

    new project idea: knit rod-sock (like what you put it in before you put it in the case!) (…I’m serious!)

  • midnight knitter says

    yeah, i gotta get into fly fishing! and i love that rod-sock idea… hmmmm, hemp?!?!? ;-)

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