knit August, 3rd 2006 by midnight knitter

addicted to circulars

okay, confession
ever since i knitted with the Colonial rosewood circulars i won’t go back to anything else, it’s like i find an excuse to knit something with the size needles i have… they are SO smooth and dont have that stupid twisting cord problem, but now i have a problem, cant knit with straights!

empiresilk-top2.jpg       empiresilk-top1.jpg
so i grabbed my US 13 and US 10.5 circulars and a few balls of Karabella Empire Silk  and started knitting on the drive up to Maine… it’s going to be a short sleeve cardigan, very lacy, i love it!   almost done too… it’s got ribbing on the bottom and will on most of the sleeve

but i do wish that i had the guts to use this color   kara-silk515.jpg

i  also started a test knit out of the brand new “make make” yarn from Olympus… self-striping and very soft wool and alpaca blend



comes in cute little pouches of 3 balls per pack



  • Betty says

    I love that Olympus yarn! When is it going to be up @ the shore?

  • midnight knitter says

    hey Betty!
    we will have the “make make” in late august, early september…
    if you “need” some sooner let me know and i can get you a 3 ball pack on the sly ;-)

  • beth says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meg says

    Happy B’day Girlie! Hope it is a great one!

  • Liz says

    Happy Birthday! Your designs and knitting store are awesome! I hope you have a great day…

  • midnight knitter says

    thanks girls!!!

    you’ll never believe it, my parents had a HUGE surprise bday party yesterday for my twin and i… it was crazy! i had no idea, it was wild!

  • Betty says

    Yay for surprise parties!

    And I will wait for the yarn to hit the shop. I have some other things stored in my cart. I can’t wait!


    Where can I get that pattern. It looks sooo cute!

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