midnight knitter August, 28th 2006 by midnight knitter

new blog designs over the last 9 months

i’ve been lazy about showing you the blog designs i’ve done recently, some of them i really really love, so here they are!   forgive me if I’ve showed any of these before, the blog design file folder is HUGE

unfurnishedbrooklyn.jpg  Unfurnished Brooklyn
(which won an award to my surprise)

mohair-dreams-top.jpg  Mohair Dreams

goneknitting.jpg  Gone Knitting

saturday-night-sheep.jpg  Saturday Night Sheep

knitting-on-trial.jpg  Knitting on  Trial

stumblingban.gif  Stumbling Over Chaos

knittershaven.jpg  Knitters Haven

yarnandorder-top.jpg   Yarn & Order

sauvageblue.jpg  Sauvage Blue

thats all i can find so far that i’m pretty sure i havent posted about… it’s always fun to do blog designs, reading the blogs to get an idea of the person, trying out colors and cool photos, fun fun fun…

knitting and crochet photos coming soon!   i got lots of knitting done in the car today, yum…



  • ria says

    I can see why Unfirnished Brooklyn won an award. The header is awesome! Nice work. My you’ve been busy!

  • maryse says

    i recognize some of those. nice work!

  • Shelley (Pink House) says

    Oh my gosh! These are SO pretty and cool! Did you come up with the names too? or just design the banners and websites? So creative

  • beth says

    you are so talented! Those are great!

  • Peeve says

    Wow! How does one go about commissioning you to redesign their blog?

  • midnight knitter says

    oh, forgot that link ;-)

  • Amie says

    Neato! These are really niceeee. I’m giving you the “OK” sign with my hand. ;-)

  • Lis says

    These are fanatstic! I wish I would have asked you to do mine! But I am going to have you do the new one for the store (IF it ever happens). Congrats on the pattern in knitty, that is how I found your blog!

  • trinity says

    i love this website

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