crochetstuff September, 18th 2006 by midnight knitter

from the travel bag . crochet

second favorite WIP, which has been in the knitting bag for like a year, this Silk Mohair Kusa single crochet scarf, using a teeny US D crochet hook!
mohair-kusa-crochet1.jpg       mohair-kusa-crochet2.jpg  
this yarn is SO freakin soft… it’s a bit wrinkled from being in the bag for so long, can’t wait to block it, meow!

this Karaoke test crochet was worked up in a  two hour  car ride, i totally love this color, the migrations to each shade is so cool… this was so much fun to crochet that i want to make some patterns using the technique.


also, i got a free sample of this “milky baby” yarn from Olympus, a whole box actually!   was picturing it as a bobble baby blanket… now that will be the day!   missa crochets a whole baby blanket on an F hook, haha!   challenge anyone?   ;-)


last but not least, a crochet set: neck and wrist warmers
pattern coming to the kpixie free pattern section
makemake-warmer2.jpg     makemake-warmer1.jpg
with the dreamy new make make yarn.   this is my #2 favorite yarn of all time, i simply cannot stop making things with it.   it’s like i’m back  3 years ago with Noro Kureyon, i couldn’t keep my little mitts off that yarn…

well, thats it for today girls….   oh wait!!   forgot to say i’m officially addicted to this blog



  • Lis says

    That milky baby skein is too cute!

  • Noriko says

    Hi, I’m a long time reader of your blog… I love your projects and web design. I can’t believe you’ve been to my blog!! This post made my day!

  • kellilee says

    1. Your Karaoke swatch is beautiful – what a great design for capturing the changes in the colorway. Incorporate those techniques into a pattern, please! 2. What is the fiber content of the Milky Baby yarn? I noticed that it’s washable (which if good) and I’m constantly making baby gifts so I’m curious. How’s it feel? TIA.

  • midnight knitter says

    milky baby yarn is 60% wool and 40% acrylic. it’s very soft and has a nice sheen, real sturdy too…

    and Noriko! yup, been to your blog, addicted! ;-)

  • messenger bags for women says

    What do you think is better for an eighth grader:a backpack,tote bag,or messenger bag?

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