knitstuff September, 18th 2006 by midnight knitter

from the travel bag . knitting

thought i’d do a photo shoot of the WIP’s in my Lexie Barnes knitting bag.   i had 4 hours in the car yesterday to pick at a few of them, and the Tilli Tomas scarf is my favorite so far, really fun to knit!

tilli-scarf1.jpg       tilli-scarf2.jpg
pattern to be available at kpixie once i finish it…

and this garter stitch-lace test knit has been sitting around for a while, i wanted to see if i could make a new “beyond rectangles” kit with it… it is knit on US 5 needles.   Alpaca & Silk is one of my all time favorite yarns, the drape is beautiful is st st and it works lace really nicely.



  • Lis says

    That looks GORGEOUS. That is also one of my most favorite yarns BY FAR. I love all of the Blue Sky Yarns…. Hey, want to do a cashmere pattern??!! :) The cream actually turned out gorgeous..I’ll throw in extra for you when the whole thing comes in!

  • Rachel says

    totally jealous of that Lexie Barnes bag! I absolutely love the skull pattern!

  • catherine says

    love that tilli tomas scarf! very pretty sitting up againt that barnes bag ;)

  • Deb says

    Oh I’ve been wanting to try that Tilli Thomas! It looks great–after I finish a few projects around here.

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