knitlife September, 11th 2006 by midnight knitter

i've been published!

twiggytweedBEAUTY.jpg   <--   MY FIRST KNITTY PATTERN... woo hoo! i've been a chicken about sending anything into, but i finally did it a couple months ago, and BANG!   it's in the Fall 2006 issue!   eek! ps. if you cant find the yarn at your LYS, get it here!



  • maryse says

    congratulations. i think it’s adorable

  • Emma says

    Congratulations! It’s an adorable bag, and one I may have to think about doing soon.

  • Deneen says

    Your patterns rock! Great bag!

  • Kim says

    Congrats, Missa! It’s so lovely. :)

  • Andrea says

    I just found your pattern on Knitty and I just wnted to say that it is absoulutely FABULOUS! And congrats for being published.

  • princesspumpkin says


  • Emily says

    I love it!! very cool!

  • ria says

    The bag is awesome and I love the photos!

  • sarah eliz says

    That’s an AWESOME bag, congrats! I love it- seriously want to make it. :-D

  • Kaity says

    Its soo cute, I want to make one!

  • Liz says

    I just wanted to let you know that was my favorite pattern out of this one!

  • Jodie says

    I love the bag. This one is definitely going on the list of things to make. The photos were great! Congrats!

  • Melissa says

    Whoo-hoo! I’m going through the same frustration as you did trying to find a purse for fall, and I think your design will be perfect!

    Do you have any inside photos?

  • Erin says

    Hey, cute purse pattern, I just may splurge on the yarn to knit it! (High praise from someone with no good yarn in the stash and no cash to fix it! ;) ) How did you get it published? I mean, how did you know about the deadlines and such, because they never posted it last they did for the summer issue, and I had a pattern I wanted to submit…
    Anyway, congratulations! You rock!

  • Anushka says

    The bag is super-cute, congratulations on having it published!

  • Audrey says

    Congratulations Missa. I fell in love with your bag pattern and immediately took the necessary ingredients to whip this lovely bag up. My main colour is a very rich chocolate brown and my contrasting colour is a variegated yarn in hues of cream, rose and chocolate. Mama’s gonna have a brand new bag! Thank you :)

  • jennifer says

    that’s terrific, missa – kudos to you!

  • midnight knitter says

    in midnight knitter fashion i’m responding to comments in the wee hours ;-)

    thanks for all the support! love hearing from you all ;-)

  • Dipsy D says

    Congratulations! It’s a totally awesome bag, I will definitely try my hands at it soonest possible!

  • Kirsty says

    Congratulations! I clicked on it in Knitty before I knew it was yours. It looks great!

  • Dawn says

    I ordered the yarn from kpixie and I’m gonna make it. . . way to cute!

  • beth says

    Wahoo!!!! Big high five over here!!!

    I will make several!

  • Terra says

    I absolutely love your pattern, definitely my favourite pattern in this knitty issue. I am defnitely going to make one, and it will be my first time working with tweed, so I’m oh so excited!

  • micah says

    NICE! I reconized the Volvo right away and thought, hmmm I wonder if it’s the same person? Congrats!

  • Audrey says

    I finished my Twiggy Tweed bag and got rave reviews from family and friends. It’s a great pattern, thank you so much for sharing it. You can see my version of the bag on my blog at :
    The only thing I modified is the buttoned closure and the crochet strap, which I made a little longer because I like them so.

  • Deb says

    Wow! Congratulations on being published–it’s a darling bag.

  • Meg says

    Congrats Missa! It looks so great!

  • Roxanne says

    Congrats Missa…that’s really great!

  • Amie says

    Whoo hoo! Congrats!

  • Erin says

    I love the purse pattern. I think it’s even cooler that you modeled it next to your Volvo Coupe. Do you still have 3 volvos? I’m on my second 240, it’s an ’86 sedan with less than 100k miles, but I miss the wagon too much and looking to purchase another. Maybe I’ll even get one with the round headlights.

  • midnight knitter says

    you’re my new best friend, a crafter and a volvo lover as well?!?!?!
    ride that baby out to 300K miles, my last wagon went to 320K before i let her go… all three of my volvos are my best friends ;-) they never let me down, hahah!

  • zanne says

    I found the purse pattern when I was looking for a new purse. Same frustration – can’t stand store purses when I don’t want to spend a ton on one that suits me (most are just too much – ugly as anything). I found yours, picked up red and black wool to match my dress coat (also wool), and am about done with it. I’ll be finishing it tonight so I can start playing with my new recycled silk yarn (woohoo!). Anyhow, thanks for the pattern! I’ll have to check out your store now. :)

  • trinity says

    will you give me the patter for the christmas theer

  • trinity says

    my E-mail is

  • trinity says

    no its

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