crochetFREE PATTERNS October, 23rd 2006 by midnight knitter

crochet for the home


we’ve all seen those books (Simple Crochet, etc) that have cool and totally simple crochet  items for  around the house.

i always have a hard time finding those things to use for the patterns  like: leather cord, stiff (but not scratchy) twine, a “yarn” that will stand up straight or be suitable for a placemat…

so… something arrived at the shop,  pineapple “yarn” from Habu Textiles, I couldn’t wait to use it!

It’s called “fique”, and you can get it here

and here is my crochet container foe my makeup stuff.
pineapple-container.jpg pineapple-container2.jpg
with plenty leftover for another project

. . . . . . . . . . . get the pattern here . . . . . . . . . . . . .

speaking of the shop, how cool is this PIRATE pullover?!?!

anyways, i’m gearing up for Halloween.   i really want to go to a haunted house over in Taunton, MA, i heard it’s totally creeepy and fun.   i havent been to a Halloween kinda thing in years, just trick’r’treating with kids… oh!   and did anyone see “Dexter” last night?   i’m a hardcore HBO fan but i love this show…



  • Ruth says

    Looks like cool stuff – I like that it is described as smooth – I tried knitting with hemp twine once, got a terrible rash and virtually instant carpal tunnel….

  • Amie says

    I’m not a fan of stripes (on my body), but I really like that sweater. I like how the top is just all black. It’s as though the bottom stripes just fade into the top (visually-speaking).

    Nice make-up container. I need to make some of those for my odds and ends lying around.

  • Nicole says

    That’s the one thing that crochet has over knitting – being better at 3D functional forms (ie, not clothing). I like the color!

  • Kaity says

    That Pirate Pullover is adorable! It probably wouldn’t look so good on me, but I love it.

    And I see Bare Essentuals there, too. I love Bare Essentuals.

  • Lola says

    I totally love Dexter ! that makeup foe looks good.

  • Malia says

    I’m curious what your impressions are of this yarn. Pineapple yarn just sounds like it would be hard on the hands (I think of thinking of the skin) but I’ve heard that it’s smooth. Good points? Bad points?

  • midnight knitter says

    Hey Malia
    It is as stiff as twine/heavy hemp, but MUCH smoother to work with… almost slippery, like raffia… my hands didn’t hurt after working with it… it’s pretty cool stuff! The only bad points i can see is that it is not really a garment “yarn”

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