crochetshopping December, 12th 2006 by midnight knitter

the depths of december

xmas-tree-2006.jpg happy holidays!!!
a little xmas tree i made last night while uploading analog videos to my computer last night..

so, i’m here!! making an appearance…  i’m  in the december retail depths of hell, but its all good… running kpixie is still a blast… just zero time for blogging, but here i am, taking a little break to update…

ultramerino4-red-curl1.jpg ultramerino4-red-curl2.jpg
here is my new crochet scarf for xmas shopping

and an early xmas gift to myself, the Motorola Q
q2.jpg q1.jpg q4.jpg
its awesome, internet, videos, keypad, email, phone.. all i’ve been wanting

i also am waiting on a pair of eyeglasses, will come in this week… got my eyes checked for the first time in 15 YEARS!!   i need em for driving especially… they’re really funky which will make me wear them



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