patterns January, 28th 2007 by midnight knitter

wordpress just got better

if you use WordPress with Internet Explorer (instead of Firefox) and think the “insert image” section is annoying, read on!

the new 2.1 upgrade is available!!!
click here to read about it (and download it)  on the wordpress website

i installed it here at midnightknitter and i LOVE it!   so many  cool upgrades and a few security fixes…

and if you are running wordpress  2.0 or later and  hate spam,
BE SURE to use the Akismet plugin, it works wonders.
The new 2.1 version comes bundled with it…

oh yeah, also, if you havent heard, you can get a blog for free!!  

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  • Kaity says

    I just read the first Bullet on the page “Autosave, so you never loose a post again”.


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