crochet February, 26th 2007 by midnight knitter

car creation


took a trip to NH yesterday
-along came the “Wafers” yarn
 (perfect for crochet… a hard wearing cotton)
-size F crochet hook
it’s for my Motorola Q phone!
yeah, that’s Neopolitan ice cream 100%



  • Charlotte says

    I love your car creation. It’s really cute. Actually it’s not a long time I’m knitting and i’m an addict now. But I want to make creative clothes that’s why I love so much your idea of mobile sock. If you looking for original things have a look on this web-site where there are knitting kits with nice patterns. Maybe you have already tried it.

  • Theresa says

    Looks great in the stripy-ness!

  • Mary says

    I love the cell phone holder I made one only its a little bag that clips to the vent. Now I hear or see the phone ringing
    just love to knit and crochet

  • Cerstin says

    I looked at kokobino a few months ago. Now I need to knit something for a new baby girl and I can’t get on! Seems the site has closed. Does anyone have the patterns for the mouse and the lovely dress-coat at all?
    Would really appreciate any help, as I can’t find anything else nearly as cute as those two things :0)
    Thanks, Cerstin

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