crochetlife February, 22nd 2007 by midnight knitter

japanese craft books and yarn

booties.jpg the booties are done! from this book
i used some of that japanese baby yarn i had lying around.
these were fun to crochet, and SO simple to follow the graph.

wafers1.jpg wafers2.jpg

speaking of yarns from Japan, this new cotton called “Wafers” is really soft and smooth, has a nice sheen to it. got these as a sample, maybe they should become a neopolitan colored mini-scarf?


and speaking of scarf!

the Tilli Tomas Disco Lights

scarf pattern is available! click here


fish21.jpg fish20.jpg fish22.jpg
and just a few photos of the tank with the new gravel… the little goldies are going back to the fish store tomorrow so i can get “real” fish



  • J Neyr says

    I love your knitting and crocheting. I am interested in the pattern for the Tilli Tomas Disco Lights scarf, but when I click on the link, it is not on that page. Is there anywhere I could get this pattern? Thanks for all your patterns, ideas and pictures!

  • midnight knitter says

    the pattern is as the top of that page, called “Valentine Sequin Scarf”

  • Judy says

    Hi Missa, I think those booties and the other projects in that Japanese baby pattern book are so cute, but if there is no English translation, how in the world did you make them? I want to order the pattern book. Is there a source for translation somewhere on the web? Btw, I love your halter top….

  • midnight knitter says

    the japanese craft books are setup as charts, easy to read for anyone… there are a few online resources to help with gauge, needle/hook size, and yarn weights

  • Vera Unwin says

    Your c rochet site is great and I have just completed the small pouch. Well, alm ost – I am having difficulty with the zip but think I will win.
    However I have been searching your site for a belt suitable to go with an alpaca and wool dressing gown. The present one is ribbon and it slips about too much. Have you a belt pattern please that you could supply – Thanks – Vera – UK

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