FREE PATTERNSknit February, 1st 2007 by midnight knitter

the wine red suitcase and aluminum bucket

the disco lights scarf is done!

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well, it’s been done for a while but i lost the scarf, found it last week ;-)
pattern coming soon

discolights-scarf1.jpg discolights-scarf2.jpg discolights-scarf3.jpg

i also started working on a scarf in the new Black Pearl Cashmere DK yarn.
this stuff is SO soft, and really affordable for cashmere.   it has a superb halo.
looks great on US 6 needles or smaller.

minileaves-rib2.jpg minileaves-rib1.jpg

hey!   did you hear about the Knitty Gritty marathon on the DIY network?   instead of watching the superbowl you can catch a marathon and knit-along, hosted LIVE.   they are trying to get everyone to knit 7″ x 9″ swatches to make into blankets for the needy.

click here for more info
also at the above link… did you know that the videos on that DIY website are awesome?!?!   there’s a really great one about making bobbles if you’ve never tried it before.

knittygritty-swatch1.jpg so anyway, i got started early   ;-)
here’s my first 7×9 to mail in… i had some light gauge yarns lying around and combined them together, using seed stitch and some cables and US 6 needles, wah lah!
look at that AWESOME mohair halo from the Karabella Lace Mohair, eek!   that yarn is like THE carry-along yarn of all time.. love it

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  • Kaity says

    I’m knitting along with Vickie! I’ve already completed a square already, too!

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