knitlife March, 12th 2007 by midnight knitter

wip, fo and phones

lacenightie1.jpg lacenightie2.jpg

i’m working on the “Lace Nightie“, a free pattern from Interweave Knits.
i’m using Blue Sky Alpacas, Alpaca Silk… in the new awesome peapod color

going well on US 5 needles, i got gauge! the pattern calls for US 4 but my knit was too tight on 4′s… i’m hoping the drape will be great with this yarn… it usually is, but the lace pattern might lend to drape being not-so-loose in the width… hmmm

my phones over the last 6 years

look at that funny, gigantic black one on the left… i remember thinking i was so cool, what a dork! the phones started to get smaller, but then i just had to have the Motorola Q… so in the end, its about as big as the first cell phone i ever had, haha

cell2.jpg cell1.jpg the aqua blue one was my fav

ALSO! i finished a tank top last weekend, mostly in one day, on US 5 needles.
(sorry, bad photos, i’ll take better ones later)
tanktop1.jpg tanktop2.jpg
my own pattern, US 5 circulars, RYClassic Cashsoft DK yarn

okay, thats it for now… quick quick and now i gotta get in the car!



  • z says

    i wandered here from a google search for interweave’s lace nightie. i’m working on it and have been trying to find what other people’s have looked like. i LOVE that peapod color! almost makes me wish i’d chosen a green for mine.

  • Kaity says

    Hey, I had one of those old Giant cell phones!

  • Chra says

    The neck part of your tank is beautiful. I also like the decreases (or increases?) very nice!

  • midnight knitter says

    thanks Chra! yeah, decreases… i worked from the neck until it fit perfect around my bust (worked with a long circular needle so i could try it on as i went), then did decreases to just above the waist…

  • Barbara says

    My god, that halter is FABULOUS!!! And I love the peapod green yarn for the nightie – please please post the picture when completed! You have amazing tastes in color!

  • midnight knitter says

    thanks barbara! i totally will, i wound up the skeins last night to finish the nightie, yay

  • erica says

    I’m also making the lace nightie and green seems to be the color of choice. I love seeing what other people’s choices are.

  • xie says

    lovely tank! :)

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