maintain a blog?

seriously girls and boys, ever live a life in which “free time” did not exist? ;-)

my goal to “maintain” this blog is getting shoved under paperwork and knitting and running the store and web design and the band and the dog and house cleaning and . . . . .
BUT! it doesnt mean i dont care, here i am! with an update! ;-)

I know that if I treated blog updates more carelessly i could update more often, but i have that nuisance voice in my head that says “little is never enough”… help me, haha
The Lace Nightie is DONE!


i do need to block it… and it came out shorter than I expected, but i think it is because the drape of the yarn used for the pattern is much more than the Alpaca Silk… but i TOTALLY love this top, it feels great on the skin, a nice warmth, and it was a real blast to knit.

april-nightie2.jpg april-nightie3.jpg

(jeez, “get any sun girl??!”   haha)

april-dk-sock.jpg and I made a dk weight sock to match my sneaks…
where is the other sock??? hmmmm

-i also finished another sock
-i’m working on a top in laceweight Tilli Tomas silk
-i finished that baby hat in Vickie Howell Craft yarn
-lots of swatches done in the car
here is a test knit, random cables done in Karabella Boise

and a little pouch in Olympus herbs yarn!
handypouch1.jpg handy-pouch21.jpg
you can get the pattern for it right here (a pdf file)
and the yarn for it here

and eek! a shoulder warmer!! hehe
llamajama-oneskein2.jpg llamajama-oneskein1.jpg
the yarn is Llamajama pure sheep’s wool
i will write up the pattern soon…
pattern now available!   CLICK HERE
I used basic math with a top-down raglan technique



  • Kaity says

    You’re little mini-sweater shoulder-warmer thing is adorable. I also like your little crocheted bag.

  • beth says

    What do you mean you can’t do it all? Hee hee….

    I love that mini sweater too, The yarn is way way cool.

    I have been brainstorming Missa!!!! You know what that means don’ t you? I have a pattern! YAY!

  • marlene says

    The lace nightie is great! I would love the pattern for it, where’d you find it?

  • Amie says

    I LOVE IT ALL, esp. the top!

  • Carrie says

    Ok, I must say rather selfishly that I am extatic about your way too short lace nighty! I did the same thing right after it was published and mine turned out the EXACT same way. I was thinking that it was me, and in fact on my blog I suggested doing the repeat at least once if not twice more. I did mine out of soy since it called for bamboo. It is certainly not what I would call a nighty, but it really makes a lovely top!

  • Che' says

    You have been busy! Wonderful work! I really like that Lace Nighty!

  • Ahna says

    Right on! Love the nightie…I’ve saved that pattern as well and am just looking for the perfect yarn…

  • Charles "The Knitter" says

    OH! LOVELY~~~You did great job on your top!

    Anyway…I just what to let you know I just started mine “KNITTING VIDEO CAST” Come and look and see what you think about it!
    Also Comment me too!


  • Kristie says

    I love the stripped mittens from the knit pixie pattern. I’d like to get it, what was it called?


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