crochetknitlife August, 9th 2007 by midnight knitter

back from vacation

yeah, i took a vacation from April to August, hehehe

but!   we did get back from our yearly vacation to Maine a couple weeks ago… it was a blast as usual, and I taught my brothers girlfriend to crochet!


and did lots of fishing!

salmon.jpg  brown trout that i caught!

wanted to drop in to my blog and show you the two things I completed in Maine.

alp-silk-tee.jpg  alp-silk-tee2.jpg
a tee in Alpaca Silk!   just some random skeins from the shop that were either shop-worn or messed up in some way (label missing, dropped on the floor, etc)
I have a photo somewhere of me wearing it, but I cant find it!

vintcotton-neck-piece1.jpg  also made this cute neck piece
i was inspired by the Choto Crochet book
it was great for teaching someone how to crochet, Kay made hers in one afternoon!

and here are a couple photos of my new place!

apt-office.jpg  office

fish-aug1.jpg  goldfish in the office

apt-kitchen.jpg  kitchen

apt-hallway.jpg  hallway of doorways   ;-)



  • Dawn says

    Welcome back to the world of blogging. Love the mix and match top, very cool. That wall color in the office is fantastic!

  • Veronica says

    It’s good to hear more stories from you! I’ve ben reading your blog lately and I love it! Love the necklace you made (my main craft is crochet). It’s great you enjoyed your vacations, time to get back to blogging! lol

  • Marissa says

    I really like all your designs. You’ve got such talent.

    I’m working on your puppy sweater, but I’m stumped on:
    P3, cast on 6 sts, p to bind off sts, cast on 6 sts, p3

    How do I cast on 6 after I purl 3? Do I use a second skein?
    And could you explain “P to bind off sts” to me?

    I’m kind of a newbie and I can’t get past this part.

    Thank you so much.

  • midnight knitter says

    Hi Marissa

    At that point in the pattern you cast off sts on the previous row, so you will be casting on sts in the same place, making a large hole in the knitting for the doggie legs to go through.

    So you would P3 and then cast on stitches with the same yarn, use the “backward loop cast on” method. you can turn the work over to cast on the stitches, then turn the work over again to continue purling the sts that are inbetween the two “holes” being made.

    Does that make sense to you?
    If not, email me!

  • Marissa says

    I’ll have to look up the “backward loop cast on”. I haven’t heard of that yet.. But it does make sense to me now – thank you =)

  • beth says

    YAY MISSA! She’s back! Right? For a little while? I do miss you!

    I can’t wait to see that Crochet Me book! Did you hear that Toni got a book deal! Wow! Lots happening!

    Don’t be a stranger.

  • kathy says

    Love the pics. The fish looks delish and your new home, wow. Love the colors.

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