stuffswatching September, 1st 2007 by midnight knitter

swatching and SWTC Karaoke


swatches   swatches swatches
I’ve got a copy of “Knitting Never Felt Better” by Nicky Epstein and HAD TO try out some of the swatches in the book… i didnt knit them up to be felted, i knit them to the gauge the yarn label called for.

these swatches are a mix of Moss (a new Loop-d-Loop yarn!) and Boise

this one was the most fun, even though i messed up on two rows
(tv  + swatching = no good!)

next stop… i took a ball of Karaoke and wound it into 4 balls.
they are so hard to resist… must.. go… knit… now
(or maybe crochet!)



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