FREE PATTERNS January, 15th 2009 by midnight knitter

knit - Chunky Slouch Cap

It has been BITTER cold up here in New England. Tomorrow many schools are closed, no snow, just too cold…

Since I’ve been staying in, I finally finished writing up a new pattern!

Here is the hat in Loop-d-Loop Tundra

I’ve actually been wearing this hat for almost two months now.. get a lot of compliments when I’m out and about.


A chunky hat to knit in one short evening!

Meant to be worn beret style, sitting loose at the top of your head. Tundra is a great new yarn from Loop-d-Loop, very similar to favorite Rowan Big Wool.

Tundra is unique, it stretches easily.  If you substitute yarn, make sure to add a few more rounds to the cap.

yarn: 1 ball Loop-d-Loop Tundra

needles: US 11

. . . . . . download now . . . . . . at

or view the pattern page on

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  • Gail Rodman says

    What a blessing for you to share your knowledge freely.

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