FREE PATTERNSknit September, 1st 2010 by midnight knitter

midnight mittens

The Tweedy Mittens pattern has reached 185 projects on!!

. . . . . . . . . click here to DOWNLOAD the pattern . . . . . . .

another midnight knitter pattern from days gone by, Potluck Mittenettes, has reached 85 projects.  You can use ANY worsted weight yarn for these.

. . . . . . . . . click here to download the pattern . . . . . . . .



  • Suzie says

    Can you show me the m1 st? Thank you.
    In the midnight mittens.

  • Karen says

    Do you have access to a pattern for mittens like the one you have posted but with a singlecable from the tip to the edge of the ribbing. I have a good friends who lost her grandmother's pattern for such a mitten. I found one with a cable going to the bottom edge of the glove but it should stop at the rib. Thanks for your time.

  • paulette goetz says

    I have made 5 potluck mits. Being a beginner to intermediate knitter, I find your instructions to be above all others. So clear and understandable.
    I am hoping you have a pattern for fingerless mits that include the fingers like potluck pattern does for the thumb.
    Many thanks,
    Paulette Goetz

  • Susan Ernst says

    I just made my 1st pair of these Mittenettes…now…EVERYBODY I know, wants a pair. Thank you! pattern was really easy. And I love them!

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