knitted babe

** i’m awful, this post and the february 02 post go up at once, i never got around to finishing the 02 post so i never posted it… i also did some arranging of the main page, but i cant tell if its better or worse, hmmm… and this new “coffecup” html software is no good, must start using dreamweaver again…   oh! and new favorite blogs are listed way down at the bottom!!!
midnightknitter-babe1.jpgthe only knitting news i have photos of is my
new “babe” from the Knitted Babes book! she rocks…

i have the felt for the eyes and some fabric for clothes, i’m itching to finish her!  

**   jessica is going on vacation this week, so i’ll be “minding” kpixie alone, it’ll be fun to pack orders, i don’t get to do that often, i’m mostly unpacking yarn that comes in and taking photos and updating the website… so if you dont hear from me this week its because i’m buried in a pile of boxes!!