scarf scarf

a few weeks ago i got some new Karaoke yarn from South West Trading company to work up some swatches… it’s very similar to the color changes of Noro Silk Garden BUT it is SOFT!!   made from SoySilk, heavenly, my new favorite yarn of all time…

i just had to make a scarf thing (or is it a tie?) with this Karabella New Magic Stuff… it’s so sparkly and punk-glam-rock-ish.. had to wear it with my world industries shirt..
glam-rock.jpg  glam-rock-scarf   newmagic.jpg  
this Karabella New Magic stuff came in… its this self-striping novelty yarn with tons of sparkle… which is the only reason i chose to carry it… can you beat that kinda fun?!   AND it frogs!!!   yeah, you can knit and rip it out a bunch of times no problem… weird huh??