skully intarsia

my bf wanted our pup to have a skull and crossbones sweater… i think the finished knit will be hot pink and black… oooo, dangerous!!   THIS IS SKULLY

no, not Dana Skully, but a skull and crossbones knit that Dana might approve of, haha…   i had a request from my bf to knit Josie a sweater with this kind of design, but i couldnt find one with enough detail for dk weight yarn… SO


**   i was going to make it with the other side of the bones too, but i like how it just ends there… i knit this upside down, starting with the skull and ending with the bones… AND i used some crappy acrylic, it’ll look much better in wool, as fairisle and intarsia always does…

**   i’ll draw up the chart on the computer so i can post it for ya… now for the dog sweater design, i want to make sleeves in the front… has anyone seen one like that?   it would be cool if it were a raglan-like design… hmmm

and this skull is realistically creepy, but i appreciate the computer work that went into it… AND i’ve never seen this site before!   her elfin sweater is to die for!

on BBC World News two nights ago they mentioned bloggers!   which was an intro to a story about “vlogging”, which is video web logging… people who had home videos of the tsunami (which are the only videos available of the actual wave) uploaded their videos to these vlogs… one person who had a video on their vlog went over his bandwidth limit and his server charged him $2000 for that bandwidth usage… OMG!!   they also touched on the subject of bandwidth theft, a topic that every blogger should know about… AND in other related news, the episode of CSI NY on Monday night featured death by a bamboo knitting needle… hahahaha.. but it was a tad disturbing because the woman who owned the knitting needle said she knits stuff for her dog, “like this blanket”, and she pointed to a crochet blanket… idiots…