the new year!

the new year!!    i wanted to write up a list of knit and crochet projects that i want to finish and start this year, but as you might know by now, i’m more of an “in the moment” knitter… i’ll sit down and something will just emerge from my needles, despite what i planned to knit…  

SO instead of a list of knitting resolutions for myself, i made these little tokens to give to friends and family and people i meet!!   spread the love of knitting!   hehe

click here to print a whole page of these babies
(pdf document, high resolution image for good printing, about 12 seconds on a dsl connection)
i printed them on card stock and cut them into little squares, but if you have the patience for cutting the circles, you rock!   ;-)

** and welly well well, who would have guessed that the seaweed wrap pattern would be here so soon!   since i lost the original write-up, i had to sit down and figure it out…
<— click

** my next post will be new knits… i’ve got some ideas and need to finish up some lingering projects that i havent touched in a while… i think i need to clean up my stash…   eek!!   ;-)   happy new year!