update on bobbi

baby bobbi bear is getting in the way of my work, see how he tries to block the computer screen?!   bastard!

i’m almost done, just need to rework one of the arms and attach the ears… and do the face… and work a duplicate stitch around the neck..

in this photo above, you can really see the Worsted Hand Dyes at work… see the slight shade changes?   there are stripes of lighter orange here and there…

i did the right arm one way, and the left another way… which is better??   the one on the right looks a little small, worked per the pattern… the left is longer and i picked up stitches farther in on the edge….

oh my god, was this hairy!
i thought for sure i was gonna stab him
while working the arms.
i need some shorter dpns


anyways, back to the arms… which one is better?   see how the right one is more “in a pocket” and the left has more of a slope at the bottom from the body?   maybe i’m being too weird about it…


and here is the top of his head.. i have to gather the stitches better… he’s got a big head!   ssh, we dont want to give him a complex about it…

STUFFING TIP: don’t use regular ol’ fiber fill… use “cluster stuff”, which looks like teeny balls of fiber fill… i learned this the hard way, stuffing him with regular fiber fill, all lumpy and gross.. then i did some research…