allhemp3 scarf knitted

allhemp3 scarf

i’m also in love with the Hemp for Knitting yarn, made this crochet scarf for summer… a cool neck decoration, what do they say?   “it’s all about accessories”… i’m starting to believe it…


using allhemp3 by Hemp for Knitting, this scarf is made of treble crochet rows mixed with hdc and dc.. i used less than one skein each.. we all had to make a treble crochet project for a final segment on one of the Uncommon Threads shows.. this was mine.. i left the ends dangling off the edges, partly cuz i didnt want to weave them in, but then i liked the look of it…

download THE FREE PATTERN now

(psst. the above download uses Alpaca Silk in the pattern instead of allhemp3, but it is the SAME pattern I used for the TV show)

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