Freeform Crochet Purse


Crochet purse made using freeform technique.  Instructions are below, but this purse will end up being a creation of your own.

2 balls Noro
Silk Garden
Crochet Hook
or G

The instuctions given are a bit vague, but this project is more "trial and error" than instruction based.  Make a variety of shapes and crochet them together.

- choose crochet hook F or G (you want the crochet to be tight) ch 12, do not join
- work 11 sc and then work 3 sc in beginning of ch, work around this base using single crochet and double crochet until you achieve desired shape, cut yarn
- to continue making purse, crochet onto this shape using sc and dc to form other shapes off of the main shape
- make a front and back and sew toegther
- to make strap, work 4 sc onto corner, alternate between 4 sc and 5 sc to make a strap that isn't quite straight.

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