Knit Carry Case


k = knit
sts = stitches
beg = beginning
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch

This little carry case can be used for anything.  Store your knitting notions, use it as a makeup case, carry around your money and credit cards, or even add a strap and make it into a little purse!  

Size:  5" x 6.5"
1 skein Noro Iro
US 8 and four US 8 dpn's

crochet hook G



Wind Iro skein into a ball, but cut off and wind all pink sections into a separate ball.

When I work with double pointed needles, I like to cast on the sts with straight needles, knit one row, and then divide onto the dpn's.  You can follow the instructions below or just cast on with dpn's.

- with US 8 needles, cast on 48 sts
- work one k row
- distribute sts evenly onto three US 8 double pointed needles (16 sts each)
- join in round and k 5 rounds
- join pink yarn and start fairisle
- FAIRISLE:  *k3 green, k1 pink* around
- work fairilse for a total of 12 rounds
- drop pink and k 5 rounds with green yarn only
- bind off

with G crochet hook, at cast on edge, sl st to one st, work 48 sc around, join to beg.  Flatten knitted piece into a rectangle and sl st through both sides of sc to sew bottom shut. (alternately, you can just sew bottom together with yarn or thread)
- make a lining by using a piece of fabric 6.5" x 11.5" and sew a zipper onto the top.
- sew lining into the inside of the purse



copyright 2004 - Midnight Knitter
may be distributed freely for personal use only