Sunglasses "Condom" MIDNIGHT KNITTER
i always throw my sunglasses in my purse or on the table, scratching up the lenses.  since i just purchased a new pair of cool purple ones, i saw some matching yarn in my stash and figured i'd make something to protect them... 

the rolling of the fabric hugs the sunglasses inside the knitted piece.  easy to knit!  in an hour or two you'll be done!

needles:  US 3
yarn:  Regia 6 Ply - Crazy Colors

(or any sock yarn calling for US 3 needles)
   k = knit
   p= purl
   sts = stitches
   rev st st = reverse stockinette stitch

- Using US 3 needles, cast on 28 sts using the cable cast on method
- k 4 rows
- (RS) starting with p row, work 7 rows rev st st
- next k row: k9, p7, k12
- next p row: p12, k7, p9
repeat above two rows 4 more times (total of 10 rows)
- starting with k row, work 28 rows rev st st
- k 4 rows
- bind off knitwise


fold the knitted rectangle with WS in, showing the rev st st on the outside.  take some yarn and work 7 single crochet from edge towards the center with an E crochet hook.  cut yarn and do the same for the other side, making a tube with the middle open.  (or you can sew along the edges)

on the little square of st st, you can embroider your initials!

you can leave both ends open, or sew them shut.  insert sunglasses through the rolled opening, with the lenses facing down.  the rolled part of the knit with "hug" the sunglasses inside.
copyright 2004 - Midnight Knitter
may be distributed freely for personal use only
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